Life In 360°: “The Backside Of Reality”

It feels like this week might well be a week of twisted 360 degree video experiences. Though this certainly wasn’t intended. In fact, my choice for today comes as a result of further investigation into Wevr’s TransportVR, which before the stop-motion weirdness of Monday’s video Mad God we’d not featured on Life In 360° in some time. In doing so I came across something I’d not seen in some time, an ‘oldie but a goodie’ as it were.

The item in question is a recently uploaded 360 degree video of Adult Swim: Virtual Brainload, a twisted vision full of neon lights, bizarre creatures and things that go bump in the night – and probably in the daytime as well. That VRFocus first told you about back in 2015.

“Adult Swim was excited to enter the VR space and embark on the project with us. We met with some of their team and we really hit it off as our attitudes, personalities, and creative vision all fit.” Explained Wevr at the time on a now lost edition of their official blog. “Some of the WEVR team even visited the Williams Street Studio in Atlanta and gave an overview to the Adult Swim creative team.

“After a few conversations with the Adult Swim team, we discussed their immersive dome projection activation, the Meatwad Full Dome Experience, that was part of their San Diego Comic-Con presence in 2014. The content produced for dome projections is very similar to the 360 video we use in VR, so we suggested that we try porting one of these dome projections for VR. The first try was promising but we quickly realized not everything was going to work, and we were going to need to come up with ingenious ways of adjusting the projection geometry to deliver an engaging VR experience. From a creative standpoint, one goal was to deliver a wacky, carnivalesque animated ride in the spirit of the original Meatwad Dome Experience; a short ride through the colorful world that is Adult Swim. The other goal is simply to blow people’s minds.”

You can see the video below. VRFocus is back on Friday with a selection from Rebecca. What will it be? You’ll have to wait until then to find out.