Life In 360°: Here’s The Pitch…

When taken as a trio, this week’s three scheduled trips into the world of 360 degree video are a very peculiar set. Monday saw us engage in more clown related terror courtesy of an fan tribute to the book and film IT. Wednesday saw us soaring over the capital of North Korea in a microlight of all things and today – well, we’re heading back off to America for some good old fashioned sporting action. Since if we’re looking at North Korea I guess we should look at either South Korea or America by way of balance. And what’s more American than baseball?

Well… baseball actually derives in part from the British game of rounders, but that’s not the point.

We’ve actually got two videos today courtesy of Major League Baseball (MLB) themselves. MLB teams have been looking into virtual reality (VR) and other related immersive technologies for some time, as has the organisation itself – as regular readers of our weekend feature This Week In VR Sport will be able to attest. They’ve been putting up mini-documentaries/interviews in the 360 degree format on their YouTube channel for sometime now and have already amassed just over one hundred videos. We’re not going to look at all 100, of course but I’ve picked out two from just over a month ago to show off from MLB’s On The Verge series.

Videos and descriptions are below:

On The Verge: Cody Bellinger

“Cody Bellinger is on the verge of baseball history, not only as a key player on one of the sport’s all-time teams, but as one of the most productive rookies of all time. It can be argued that this year’s Dodgers, who are great, weren’t really great until Bellinger debuted April 25. The 21-year-old hit six home runs in his first 16 games – and 25 over a truncated first half. Los Angeles cruised from there, embarking on a winning pace that has them within shouting distance of the most accomplished teams ever to play the sport. In this virtual reality experience, see what it’s like to be on the verge of superstardom in one of baseball’s most storied towns.”

On The Verge: Robbie Ray

“Robbie Ray is on the verge of becoming one of baseball’s true aces. With a blistering fastball, hellacious slider, and pristine mechanics from the left side, Ray has been a strikeout machine for some time now in Arizona. But the fourth-year southpaw has put it all together this season, developing into a complete pitcher and the perfect compliment for ace Zack Greinke atop the D-backs’ rotation. In this virtual reality experience, you get to see life through the eyes of Ray, who made his first All-Star team this season, as he looks towards more success to come.”

VRFocus will be back on Monday with more videos as we continue to look at Life In 360°.