Life in 360°: For The Birds

Wednesday is here and so it is time for our mid-week dip into everything going on that’s to do with 360 degree video. For today’s video we’re going back just under a month and we’re also heading back into the theme of animals and nature. Although probably not in the way you might be expecting.

No, we’ve no lions, or tigers, nor any bears (oh my). Instead we’re going to look at some birds – parrots to be more precise. Not only that we’re not doing so out on a reserve, or in the jungle. Unless you count it as the concrete jungle. The video comes courtesy of a YouTube channel known as the Parrot Wizard, the wizard in question being trainer Michael Sazhin, whose channel is dedicated to the activities of him and his birds such as Kili the Senegal parrot, Truman the Cape parrot and Duke the budgie. His, and their activities have previously landed him on The Late Show and other television shows around the world.

Kili (left) and Rachel (right) via trainedparrot.com

Over the course of the channel Sazhin shows off the the various tricks they have learned, how he teaches them to do the things they do, answers questions about caring for the birds and offers tutorials on proper parrot management. As it were.

In this video Sazhin shows off an enclosure built onto the back of his property, essentially a fully enclosed patio area, which he has been using to allow the parrots some space to build up their flight abilities and also allow them to get some fresh air outside the main house. It turns out Truman isn’t that adept at flying around right now, in fact, as Sazhin mentions on his website the Cape Parrot keeps flying into things. So this video instead focuses on Kili as well as Rachel, his blue and gold macaw.

Don’t expect them to be doing tricks like diving through flaming hoops but do expect them, especially if you’re watching this with aid of a VR headset, to have the whistling past your ear as Sazhin goes through his training/exercise regime. Having them come to him on command, or return to their perch. There’s still some work to be done it seems with Rachel, who at one point decides to go on an extended flight and do some laps instead. Much to Sazhin’s amusement,

You can check out the video below.