Life In 360°: Both Ends Of Sauber F1’s 25th Year

Every so often you just have to right a wrong. Even if that wrong isn’t really a wrong at all, nor even an oversight. Still, time and circumstance sometimes combine to leave you feeling like you’ve almost done someone a disservice.

If you read yesterday’s edition of my weekly column VR vs. I talked at length about growing up in the UK watching Formula 1 racing on the BBC (and ITV) and how the progression of technology meant that something that I connected with my father over will be a very different to how I connect with any potential children I have.

At the time I mentioned how, as we were discussing 360 degree video, VRFocus had over the years covered a number of the Formula 1 teams as they had experimented with using the technology. Both on cars and behind the scenes. In double checking I noticed that in fact the only team to apparently not use 360° to date was the Force India team, leaving three that we had yet to feature at some point.

One of those teams were Sauber, one of the hardest working teams on the grid and also one of those teams who sadly seemingly always end up near the back of it. The Swiss team celebrated 25 years within Formula 1 this season, which at one point saw founder Peter Sauber sell the team to BMW where it became the German car manufacturer’s works team only for it to be sold back in 2009 after four years.

Since we’ve just come to the end of the 2017 season, which was, as I say, their 25th, it seems only right we feature them in a Life In 360° and fill in one of those gaps. As it turns out Sauber quite like a bit of 360 degree video so here’s two videos. One from the beginning of the season and one from the end.

The first video sees us zip back eight months to March and to an on-board lap with Marcus Ericsson at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, complete with track overlay and additional notes.

Whilst the second is recorded just a couple of weeks ago at the 2017 Auto Zürich Car Show, where the team fire up their Ferrari engine for the audience.

We’ll have to deal with our other ‘missing in action’ Formula 1 teams another time on VRFocus. We’ll see you on Friday for another scheduled trip into 360 degree video from around the world.