League of War: VR Arena Out Now on PlayStation VR

Popular strategic war title League of War was announced as making it way from mobile over to virtual reality (VR) back in August, with developer MunkyFun announcing that a version developed specifically for the PlayStation VR was being worked on. League of War: VR Arena has now been released and is available to download now.

Taking elements from real-time strategy titles as well as classic tabletop wargames, League of War: VR Arena lets the player survey a terrain table where the various units are deployed, along with enemy structures, territory and other potential objectives. Players can access 12 different units, any four of which can be deployed at a time. Units available include soldiers, tanks, helicopters, artillery and flamethrowers, all have which have specific strengths and weaknesses. Each unit has an energy cost associated with it, depending on how powerful it is. Once a unit is ready for deployment, it can simply be picked up and placed in the desired position on the battlefield, ready to go into action.

The developers have been keen to emphasise the social ‘mixed reality’ elements of the title, since the title allows for one player to strap on the PlayStation VR headset and uses the PlayStation Move controllers, while another player can engage with gameplay using a Dual Shock controller from the TV screen using the ‘social screen’ function.

League of War VR arena GIFs 01 640x360

Strategy titles such as League of War: VR Arena have seen a resurgence in interest with the rise of VR and augmented reality (AR), with several titles such as Korix and Brass Tactics exploring the new possibilities presented by the technology.

League of War: VR Arena has two modes currently available, the competitive Arcade Mode that allows users to play against other opponents, and single-player campaign mode, where players can defeat AI opponents to earn medals which can in turn be used to upgrade and personalise your forces to make a truly customised force to be reckoned with.

League of War: VR Arena is available now from the PlayStation Store, priced at £18.99 (GBP).

VRFocus will bring you further news on League of War: VR Arena as it becomes available.