Gunfire Games to add Oculus Touch Support to Chronos

Yesterday’s big news from virtual reality (VR) developer Gunfire Games was the release of its highly anticipated sci-fi adventure From Other Suns, which launched exclusively for Oculus Rift. The studio also happened to make a passing mention to one of its earliest and most well known videogames Chronos, revealing that it would be getting Oculus Touch support this week.

For those new to the Oculus Rift platform, Chronos was an original launch title for the headset, a third-person role-playing game (RPG) where the hero is on a lifelong quest to complete an ancient labyrinth. Inside holds the secrets necessary to save his homeland but the unique twist in the story is that the labyrinth can only be opened once a year. If a player fails in their quest then they’re cast out and must return one year later. This means as each subsequent attempt fails the character ages and therefor loses the benefit of youth, from being quick and agile replacing those qualities as they age for wisdom and magic.

Chronos screenshot

It’s no surprise that Gunfire Games has decided to update the videogame to support Oculus Touch due to Oculus’ new bundle which sees the Xbox One controller now discontinued from the pack in favour of its own devices. As an original launch title, Chronos may be over looked by new players so the addition of motion control support will help in it finding a new lease of life.

VRFocus reviewed the title back in 2016, giving it a full 5 star rating, saying: “The pacing lends itself to the compulsion to see what lies in wait in the next room, and though the occasional puzzle or environment layout can lead to a bottleneck there’s rarely a point during the videogame’s extensive campaign that is cause for disappointment. Chronos is a genuinely compelling videogame that sets a high standard for Gunfire Games to follow with their next VR project.”

Chronos is available on Oculus Store for £29.99 GBP, with the Oculus Touch update due to arrive this Friday, 17th November 2017. As ever, VRFocus will continue its coverage of Gunfire Games and all of its titles, reporting back with any further announcements.