Golem To Be Playable at PlayStation Experience 2017

There are many big events throughout the year that videogame fans pay close attention to, such as Gamescom, GDC and, of course, E3. PlayStation fans, however, have an event entirely dedicated to Sony’s box of tricks. This year it has been confirmed that PlayStation VR will be front and centre, including the much anticipated Golem.

More than 80 exhibitors have confirmed their attendance at the event, with some of the biggest and most recognisable names in the industry, such as Ubisoft, Capcom, Activision, Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream, Devolver Digital and Supermassive Games all listed as making an appearance.

Over fifteen PlayStation VR titles have also been confirmed as being showcased at the event, all of which will be available for attendees to play, including all of the following:

  • Anamorphine

  • Bow to Blood

  • Bravo Team

  • Dark Eclipse

  • Farpoint

  • Golem

  • Gungrave

  • Knockout League

  • League of War: VR Arena

  • Medusa and Man

  • Moss

  • Resident Evil 7 biohazard

  • Shooty Fruity

  • Sprint Vector

  • The American Dream

  • The Inpatient

  • The Persistence

  • X Animal

  • Xing: The Land Beyond

Golem is particularly notable, as developer Highwire Games has been working on the title for some time, tough few had seen much more than brief glimpses of it. Golem puts players in a fantasy world where they must take control of a stone creature in order to uncover old secrets and discover the reality behind the mysterious Endless City. As you journey, treasure can be found and artefacts uncovered, as well as enemies such as Silent Watch, a group of hostile golems.

Also on offer will be Moss, starring the adorable mouse adventurer Quill, who has stolen the hearts of videogame fans around the world since her first appearance at E3, and other upcoming titles such as Bow to Blood, The Inpatient and Xing: The Land Beyond.

The PlayStation Experience is due to take place in Anaheim, California from 9th-10th December, 2017. Tickets for the event are still available through the official website.

VRFocus will bring you further news on the PlayStation Experience as it becomes available.