Get to Work Next Month at the Fail Factory

Texas-based Armature Studio (Borderlands, Metal Gear Solid and Batman Arkham series) has today announced its first foray into virtual reality (VR), working with Oculus Studios on Fail Factory, a quirky puzzle title for Samsung Gear VR that’s scheduled for release on 7th December. 

Fail Factory is a collection of mini-games where players have to think fast in order to succeed, operating various assembly lines. The physics-based experience is split into three main types of mini-game stations, all with the goal to help the factory build robots on a massive scale.

Fail Factory screenshot

Working in assembly stations, sorting stations and quality assurance program (QAP), where you’ll control massive robots, you’ll hone your skills in a factory that features nearly 40 varied immersive mini-games. The single-player videogame features a timed score system for each mini-game, with the highest score making it onto the online leaderboards.

“Immerse yourself in a whimsical robot factory while climbing your way up the corporate ladder from lowly intern to esteemed star employee,” explains the official description. “Designed with approachability in mind, ridiculous failure is inevitable as you work your way to the top in this vibrant, witty and comedic stress-inducing Fail Factory.”

Featuring a dynamic and upbeat original soundtrack scored by award winning composer, Winifred Phillips, Fail Factory has been designed with humour and fun in mind, with vibrant and colourful cel shaded graphics, quirky and satirical characters who are likely more of a hindrance than actual help.

Set to launch on 7th December 2017, retailing for $4.99 USD, Fail Factory supports the Samsung Gear VR controller for a more intuitive way to play.

Armature Studio was founded in 2008, with an all-star staff credited on franchises including Metroid Prime, Call of Duty, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, Darksiders, The Elder Scrolls, the Madden series, Star Wars: The Old Republic and more.

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