Get Ready To Take On The Arena As The Wizards Launches New Update

To some immersive technology is almost like magic. Through virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) or even mixed reality (MR) you are able to find yourselves in exotic locations in faraway lands. Everything from being up in the infinite black of space and investigating new worlds to diving under the oceans of our own. Getting face-to-face with creatures past and present.

Of course the ability to do anything means that magic itself is also on the table, and of course in some videogames magic is exactly what it’s all about. For fans of AR, Pokémon GO creators Niantic Labs today announced they would be weaving their spell over the Harry Potter franchise with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.  For those using VR, and particularly those who own either an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive, one avenue to get your magical kicks in is The WizardsCarbon Studio’s title about a young spellcaster trying to defend the realm from all manner of rampaging creatures.

Carbon Studio have recently revealed a new trailer for the videogame, which you can find below, which ties in with their newly released update entitled ‘The Arena Mode Update’, previously confirmed several weeks ago. The new update focuses around Arena Mode, which was previously referred to as Arcade Mode and along with a number of additional bug fixes and improvements sees two new arenas added to the mix. These are point defence map Mountainpass Castle, and the torchlit underground arena Crystal Caverns in which you must locate and destroy corrupted crystals before it is too late.

The Arena Mode update is the second major content update for the videogame since it made its way onto Early Access back in the Summer with the first being the ‘Free Locomotion Update’ which brought free motion and free teleporting to the title. he Wizards was first revealed at the beginning of the year following Carbon Studio’s first effort in VR, the 2016 title Alice VR.

A full listing of the update changes can be found here, VRFocus will bring you more news on The Wizards‘ journey through Early Access as we get it.