Get NVIDIA’s Star Wars TITAN Xp Collector’s Edition For Only $11.38 If Strong, You Are, In The Force

It’s the time of year when everyone begins looking intently at online stores and begins considering the logistics of camping outside of physical ones. Cowering in fear from emails telling them items on Steam are discounted and browsing their Amazon Wishlist just in case that gadget or gizmo they couldn’t possibly purchase just so happens to go down in price. After all then you’d just have to buy it. Only makes sense. You’d be saving money!

As you may have noticed there’s been more than a few announcements related to the Black Friday sales on VRFocus, and there’s still plenty of deals to come, no doubt. The latest, however, comes from tech giant NVIDIA and is not so much a deal but more a social media competition taking place over the Black Friday sales weekend to get you a deal.

It was two weeks ago that NVIDIA first revealed the revealed the Star Wars TITAN Xp Collector’s Edition, special versions of the TITAN Xp, NVIDIA’s top of the range graphics card which launched earlier this year. The Star Wars collectors edition coming in two separate flavours of Force allegiance, a green illuminated Jedi version and red lit Sith version; both of which have different design stylings depending on whether you side with the Republic or the Empire.

Normally these would retail for $1200 (USD), however with the holiday season on the horizon – as well as the release of Star Wars VII: The Last Jedi in cinemas – NVIDIA are giving away vouchers to fans to reduce the price all the way down to a mere $11.38.

From now until Monday, fans are being asked to share on Twitter and Facebook moments from the Star Wars universe of films, games, comics and books where the number 1138 is used and tag their post with the hashtag #StarWarsGPU1138. NVIDIA will then pick their favourites and who knows you may receive a discount voucher.

nvidia-geforce-titan-xp-star-wars-collectors-edition-jedi-order-photo-001Star Wars fans, and more specifically fans of George Lucas’ work in general will be aware of the significance of the number 1138, which began with his first film THX-1138 and continued on. Not just to the THX subsidiary of LucasFilm, but the film name and number 1138 subsequently appears frequently throughout his movies at various points and subsequently the spin-off media as well.

Interested parties can find more information here on the NVIDIA GeForce website. VRFocus will bring you more news on deals and other money off opportunities throughout the week to come.