For 5 Days Only, Oculus Rift with Touch is $349

As expected, with the return of Black Friday comes a wealth of discounts and deals on the latest technology, with PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality headsets all seeing various offers. Until now one company that has stayed fairly quiet is Oculus, offering a few deals on content via the Oculus Store. As the company has spent the majority of the summer promoting the massive price reductions to Oculus Rift, slashing the cost down to a permanent $399 USD/ £399 GBP, you’d forgive it for not reducing the price anymore. That’s not the case however, for a limited time only the Oculus Rift with Touch is on sale for $349.

To say Oculus is getting mighty aggressive with its pricing would be a understatement. At launch it was $599, then in December 2016 Oculus Touch arrived for $199. A few months later in March 2017 came the first big price drop with the headset selling for $499 and the motion controllers for $99. After which came the summer price reduction to $399 including Oculus Touch. Once that ended Oculus Rift and Touch were permanently bundled together for $499, but that wasn’t to last very long.

In October during Oculus Connect 4 (OC4) the company came out with another surprise, the Oculus Rift with Touch bundle would now be $399 as its standard price.

Well those reductions keep on rolling. So from 23rd November until 27th November you’ll be able to save a further $50 on that price, making the entire package a bargain at $349. This certainly makes the headset highly attractive to PC users looking to get into virtual reality (VR), especially when you consider even HTC Vive’s Black Friday deals put the headset at almost double the price, retailing for $599. This offer also includes the Deluxe Head Strap, Google Tilt Brush for free, a pre-order code for Fallout 4 VRand for European customers there’s also DOOM VFR

In terms of content Oculus is running three Complete Your Collection Packs – each includes 7 videogames bundled together for $99. The packs are also dynamically priced, so if customers already have one or two games of a pack in their library, the price will be lower.

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