ESRB Provides Further Details on Bravo Team

For PlayStation VR owners who were looking for a military shooter that offered something a bit more in-depth than the average wave shooter, Bravo Team seems to be tailor made for that audience. Further news on what players can expect from the title has now emerged thanks to the ESRB.

The ESRB, or Entertainment Software Rating Board, is the American regulatory organisation that gives age and content ratings to videogames. As such, they get to see them before anyone else, and so can provide a good source of information on some aspects of an upcoming title.

In the case of Bravo Team, the title has been assigned the rating of T for Teen, with content warnings for blood and violence. Slightly more interesting is the description, which describes players as battling militia soldiers in a fictional country. The description also speaks about some sections allowing players to command comrades in the squad to use stealth to take out enemy soldiers.

Bravo Team E32017 (1)

Though there will be a single-player mode, most likely with AI controlling the player’s squadmates, it is the co-op mode that had drawn the most attention. As was said in the VRFocus preview: “Bravo Team should really be looked at as a purely two-player experience, as that going to be where the most fun will be had. Not only will players have to pick each other up should one go down, they’ll need to carefully manage ammo, as the crates available on route only dispense to the player that opens it.”

Bravo Team is due for release on 6th December, 2017 and will be compatible with the PlayStation Aim controller for what the developers at Supermassive Games hope will make for a more intuitive and immersive experience.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Bravo Team as it becomes available.