Enter a World of Relaxation and Meditation When MindVerse Launches on Oculus Rift Tomorrow

There all sorts of relaxing, meditative experience for virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) probably because the technology is so good at shielding you from the outside world, able to put you in a calm, tranquile surroundings. Tomorrow, developer MindVerse Wizards will launch MindVerse for Oculus Rift, combining Neuroscience and Guided Meditation with VR to help users relieve stress.

Mindverse immerses users in a hyper-real world, with locations designed by Italian and European designers, haunting music plus entrancing voiceovers and narration.

MindVerse dreamscape

As the team explains about this initial launch: “The introduction is a low-key mindfulness experience which allows you to leave the stresses of everyday life behind. You are guided from the calm of a quiet desk in a studio, to contemplate a flowing river, and then the leaves falling from a tree in the forest into that river. You can enjoy the experience often as you like and over time you will find that it will make you calmer and more in control of your destiny.”

The content will feature several exercises to help train and relax your brain which: “have been tested by us on over three hundred separate individuals over a five year period. Typically these are expected to become effective in promoting inner calm in about 80% of people. The effect continues to get stronger and stronger over the first 5-10 repeats over about a month and are designed to be used together,” states the website.

The initial launch via Oculus Store on 8th November will be free for Oculus Rift users. There will also be additional content releases through subscription, with new and deeper exercises released to subscribers as the MindVerse progresses and will include a range of experiences and adventures aimed at improving creativity and happiness and completely changing the hold that stress and anxiety can have.

Stress can be different for everyone. After a hard days work you many want to grab your VR headset and shoot zombies in the face, or get lost in a sprawling RPG. And for those that want to kickback and chill then there’s ​MindVerse.

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