End Space Finally Lands on PlayStation VR in Europe

Way back in July VRFocus reported on Orange Bridge Studios Inc. announcing the long awaited arrival of End Space for PlayStation VR. That happened in September for North American players but there was no news on a European release until now, with the title quietly appearing on the EU PlayStation Store. 

Originally a Samsung Gear VR from 2016, End Space puts players in: “command of the most advanced starfighter the United Trade Consortium has ever developed in stunning virtual reality as you battle for control of the Tartarus sector. Protect the UTC’s secret jump-drive technology from the Tartarus Liberation Front insurgents as you fight to maintain the corporation’s dominance and earn yourself fame and fortune in the process,” states the description.

end space screenshot 1

Designed as a pure space combat title, players jump  in the pilot seat of the Minos Starfighter that can track targets with their gaze and blast them with Pulse Lasers, or lock on and pound them into space dust with Meteor Missiles. Like any good shooter, players can unlock new weapons and upgrades as they progress through the ranks by taking on increasingly daring missions. It’s not just about combat though, there are plenty of secrets ready to be revealed at the edge of inhabited space.

Orange Bridge Studios Inc. has also begun work on several other features including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Google Daydream support, a multiplayer, more missions, more weapons and a 3rd person camera mode.

End Space is available now for PlayStation VR retailing at £15.99 GBP. Unlike the US launch there’s no special launch-week discount of 10 percent, just the standard price.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of End Space and Orange Bridge Studios, reporting back with any further announcements.