DOOM VFR Trophies Now Listed for PlayStation VR

Two days. Yes indeed it’s just two days until Bethesda releases its second virtual reality (VR) to the world and it’s a big one, DOOM VFR. The iconic firs-person shooter (FPS) that every true gamer should have played at least one version of has had a VR makeover. And it’s not exclusive to one particular headset either, supporting both PlayStation VR and HTC Vive at launch. What is exclusive however are the Trophies which PlayStation VR users can unlock – there are no Steam Achievements listed at present.

DOOM VFR screenshot

Spotted on PSNProfiles, there are 15 Trophies in total, 13 Bronze, one silver and one gold. Unfortunately there’s no platinum for those completionists out there.

DOOM VFR Trophy List:

  • Welcome to the Party – Complete the First Level – Bronze
  • Shot Blocked – Shoot down 30 projectiles – Bronze
  • A Hop, Skip and a Jump – Teleport 1000 times – Bronze
  • Gib-a-licious – Telefrag into 25 demons – Bronze
  • What did you expect? – Telefrag into a Possessed Engineer and Explode – Bronze
  • Hack-Man – Complete all of the hacking minigames – Bronze
  • Cross the Beams – Complete the first laser minigame – Bronze
  • Weapon Master – Use a weapon upgrade station – Bronze
  • Overclocker – Use an Argent Cahe – Bronze
  • Master of One – Fully upgrade a single combat chassis subsystem – Bronze
  • Swiss Army Guy – Acquire all weapons – Bronze
  • Well Done – Putout the fires in the BFG central chamber – Bronze
  • Spicy – Travel to Hell – Bronze
  • Dollhouse – Collect all of the DoomGuy Dolls – Silver
  • Spoiler-Proof – Complete the single player campaign on any difficulty – Gold

DOOM VFR will be released on 1st December 2017, retailing for £19.99 GBP. Why not check out VRFocus’ preview from the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017, or read up on why this launch is so important.

For any further updates on DOOM VFR, keep reading VRFocus.