Don’t Pay for Games you Already own With Oculus’ Dynamic Bundle Pricing

Most Oculus Rift users will likely have come across this issue at some point depending on how long they’ve owned the headset. Oculus has a sale and there’s an awesome bundle you want but there’s one small cravat, you already own one or two of the videogames in the bundle. You don’t want to buy those titles again, and the other experiences bundled in aren’t discounted separately. Usually it’s a conundrum that’ll make most gamers forgo the bundle deal. That’s not the case anymore as the Oculus Rift 1.20 software release introduces Dynamic Bundle Pricing.

What this means is that should a bundle on Oculus Store contain a videogame already in your library the sale price will automatically change to your own personalised price. So no matter how many titles you own in a particular deal, Oculus Store will adjust that price accordingly. Great for players who buy the major videogame releases on launch day and then wait for deals on other titles that interest them.

Oculus Summer of Rift

Oculus’ 1.20 update featuring Dynamic Bundle Pricing is now rolling out to Oculus Rift users, so it may not be with you just yet. That’s the main feature in the update, additionally bug fixes include:

  • Fixed graphics issues related to recent Nvidia driver updates for GTX 780Ti and Titan Black graphics cards.
  • Fixed sensor issue with Oculus USB drivers becoming unavailable.
  • Fixed display and navigation issues with demo mode.
  • We now show a notification if you don’t have enough free space on your hard drive to update the Oculus software.

On top of all that Oculus is ensuring your accounts are kept safe by adding login confirmation. In a blog posting the company explains: “This month, we’re adding login confirmation as an extra measure of protection. Soon, if you try to access your Oculus account from a device we believe might be compromised, you’ll be prompted to confirm your identity. We’ll send a code to your Oculus email address, along with notifications to any other devices you’re logged into, so you can get back into VR as quickly as possible.”

As Oculus continues to roll out further updates for the head-mounted display (HMD), VRFocus will keep you updated.