DAQRI Smartglasses Now Being Shipped To Customers

Augmented reality (AR) technology firm DAQRI have been working on developing wearable AR for quite some time, in order to tap into the growing market for enterprise-focussed AR technology. The company has now begun to ship its smartglasses to some of its customers.

DAQRI has been working with a variety of manufacturers and distributors to develop and build its smartglasses platform, including firms such as Dell and Flex to provide a professional-grade AR solution for connected AR.

“The work DAQRI is doing to advance the tangible benefits of AR is why we chose to collaborate with them as part of the Dell VR/AR Technology Partner Program,” said Neil Hand, Vice President of Product Strategy and Innovation at Dell. “The speed of immersive technology innovation is a central force driving business transformation and evolution; DAQRI has developed one of the strongest solutions for professional use that, when paired with Dell, can supercharge business productivity.”

The DAQRI smartglasses are compatible with enterprise-level software from companies such as Autodesk, IBM, Oracle, Emerson and Siemans. As such, DAQRI hope to provide a solution to improve workflows in areas such as field services, manufacturing, maintenance and repair and construction. The smartglasses have been designed in a modular fashion, to allow for comfortable weight distribution, along with a hands-free user interface for greater efficiency.

The DAQRI smart glasses can operate wirelessly, using bluetooth and wi-fi technology, with a wait-mounted control box providing most of the required computing power. Optical sensors include a wide-angle tracking camera, a depth-sensing camera and a HD camera for capturing still images and video. This allows for accurate position mapping, such as the ability to ‘pin’ AR items in place and have it remain in the same position.

The DAQRI smart glasses are still available for order from the DAQRI website, priced at $4,995 (USD).

VRFocus will bring you further news on the DAQRI smart glasses as it becomes available.