Curiscope Partner with Publisher DK For Interactive VR Book

Book publisher Dorling Kindersley, also known simply as ‘DK’, is one of the best-known publishers of illustrated reference books. The DK logo will be particularly familiar to children, appearing prominently on any number of educational books used in schools and at home. The publisher has now teamed with virtual reality (VR) content creator Curiscope to create an interactive VR book covering the topic of virtual reality.

The book, titled All About Virtual Reality, covers the history of VR from its inception to how it has changed and developed into the modern VR systems that are in use today, covering not just entertainment but also areas such as aircraft training simulators as well as current VR systems such as the Oculus Rift. The book will also cover the science as to how VR works to fool the senses in order to produce the illusions that the user has been transported to another place or time.

The book also comes with a free VR viewer which can be used alongside a smartphone and accompanying app to let users access five VR experiences. Included are the chance to get up close and personal with a T-Rex, gaze into the fiery heart of a volcano, take a tour around the Roman Colosseum, take a flight up to the International Space Station, or look at the complex biological interactions in a pond. Stickers are also included to allow children to customise the VR viewer to make it personal to them.

All About Virtual Reality - Curiscope

“DK created the books that drove the curiosity within myself and Ben when we were younger,” Says Curiscope’s Edward Barton, “The opportunity to partner with them and create All About Virtual Reality was an extremely exciting one, and we’re very proud to have helped to develop such an innovative product with one of the most adored publishing brands in the world.”

All About Virtual Reality is on sale now through most book stores and on Amazon, priced at $16.99 (USD) /£9.99 (GBP). The app is available for free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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