Conquer Worlds With the Power of Alchemy in Alchemist Defender VR

Alchemy has been the stuff of legends for many centuries. A mysterious blend of science and magic, alchemy promises great power to those who can master its arts. In an upcoming tower-defence/first-person action title Alchemist Defender VR, players can wield that power to dominate entire worlds.

According to legend, the pinnacle of alchemical achievement is the Philosophers Stone. In Alchemist Defender VR, the player takes on the role of a master alchemist who is seeking the ingredients to create the Philosopher’s Stone. In search of the right components, he opens portals to other worlds, but finds the local populace are not keen on their world serving as fuel for the alchemist’s ambitions. To achieve your goal, the player must take control of the various worlds and seize the power to create the philosopher’s stone to become a Grand Master Alchemist.

Alchemist Defender VR was released on Steam in Early Access form earlier this year, where the development team at TreeView Studios worked on polishing various aspects of the gameplay, graphics and user interface, working closely with the Steam community to improve the title.

Upon its full launch, four levels will be available, each featuring ten waves of enemies with multiple enemy classes per level. There will be three types of defence turrets available, Fast Cannon, Frost and Mortar. These can be repositioned as the strategic situation demands. Players can also choose to get involved directly in the combat, either charging straight in with melee weapons such as War Hammer, Spiked Mace or Ice Sword, or can pick enemies off at a distance using a grenade launcher or crossbow.

Alchemist Defender VR is due for full launch on Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on 22nd November, 2017. It will be priced at $16.99 (USD). Further information and updates can be found on the Steam store page.

The launch trailer is available to view below.

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