Coatsink Releases A Night Sky: Night of the Emperors Update

Augmented Empire developer Coatsink Software released its relaxing, star gazing experience A Night Sky back in March, and since then has released five additional content packs for players to purchase. Today, the studio has announced its sixth and final update to the videogame, Night of the Emperors.

Due to the time of year A Night Sky: Night of the Emperors is a holiday themed update where players can chill out with a family of playful penguins, enjoying a new mini-game, new characters, and the Northern Lights.

A night sky Pack 6 Screenshot_2

The new update is available to purchase on its own for £0.79, $0.99 and €0.99 if you’ve already bought the other five packs. Or for a limited time Coatsink will be offering all six updates in one bundle priced at £2.99 GBP, $3.99 USD and €3.99 EUR.

Here’s a quick roundup of the other five updates:

  • Pack 1 – Night of the Dragon
    • Indulge an owl, defy a dragon and conduct a kaleidoscope of butterflies in Night of the Dragon.
  • Pack 2 – Night of the Golem
    • Drawn to the glow of your campfire, a young golem has settled on an outcrop nearby. Night of the Golem introduces new reactions and a lively, inquisitive companion.
  • Pack 3 – Night of the Kraken
    • Confront the scourge of the stormy seas in Night of The Kraken, introducing a gigantic new creature, new animations, and a target range mini-game.
  • Pack 4 – Night of the Phoenix
    • Arise from the cinders to the stratosphere in Night of the Phoenix, introducing a new musical mini-game, unique animations and a fiery new companion.
  • Pack 5 – Night of the Martians
    • Prepare for a close encounter in Night of the Martians, introducing a giant extra-terrestrial ship, new animations and a hide-and-seek mini-game. Relax… They come in peace.

For those that haven’t tried A Night Sky on Samsung Gear VR, Coatsink Animator Emma Hollingsworth explains on the Oculus Blog: With A Night Sky, we wanted to create an accessible and charming introduction to VR that newcomers could pick up and immediately understand and play. This meant intuitive controls with detailed and captivating animations. We also wanted to push the humor in our animations and make sure there’s always a new character or amusing detail to discover around the next corner.”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Coatsink Software, reporting back with the latest announcements.