Can you Survive Long Enough to Escape Castaway VR

Ever watched The Island with Bear Grylls and thought you could do better than the contestants picked to survive several weeks on a desert island. If you’ve watched the show then possibly you have, but getting that chance is fairly slim. Instead you could always try soon to be released virtual reality (VR) videogame Castaway VR which is due to launch on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive later this week.

Created by MC Games, Castaway VR is an open-world sandbox survival experience where you play Caleb, an academician working in the  anthropology department of an international university who specialises on utopias and primitive tribes. Given the opportunity to work on a project that looks at how primitive human beings lived and how they overcome the natural environment, Caleb is sent to an island to fully disconnect from the modern world, soon finding out its much more difficult than expected.

Castaway VR screenshot 2

On the island players will have to mine, gather, cut down trees, hunt animals, swim, craft tools and weapons, build homes, ride horseback, deal with barbarians and much more. The Early Access version will feature all these elements plus day and night circles where you can only sleep at night and a hunger and health system which needs to be monitored or else you’ll die.

Early Access is expected to last around six months, after which the fully released version will feature: “A full range of Steam Achievements, Online Multiplayer System New Islands, night event like wolf herd attack. game will include a few mini games like online arena fight,” states the studio.

While many VR titles go for a more action oriented approach, with guns, highscores and other similar gameplay features, VR players now want something with a bit more depth and re-playability. Videogames like MinecraftThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR (out next week on PlayStation VR) and ARK: Survival Evolved are starting to fill that gap, with Castaway VR being another possible contender.

MC Games’ Castaway VR arrives for HTC Vive in two days time, on 9th November. For continued updates and announcements on the title’s development, keep reading VRFocus.