Black Friday Edition of the VRGO Seat Controller now Available

Smooth locomotion movement in virtual reality (VR) experiences can be uncomfortable for some users so there are various companies like 3dRudder and VRGO who’ve created peripherals to combat the issue. VRGO has created a weeble inspired VR chair, and for Black Friday released a special edition model with a launch discount.

The VRGO chair allows players to move within VR by tilting their body. The device has been created as a space-saving peripheral that’s completely wireless, designed so that small movements in terms of twisting your body to a new direction can represent greater movements within the given VR experience.

VRGO Black Friday EditionBecause VRGO connects via Bluetooth it can connect to most head-mounted displays (HMDs), whether they’re PC-based or mobile. Being hands free players can use their hands for existing hand controllers and other experimental VR accessories such as weapons or tools for training.

“Design is key to everything we do. We’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting the perfect shape for active seated locomotion and electronics that seamlessly connect to all the current HMDs,” said Joe Ryan, CEO and founder of VRGO Ltd in a statement.

Weighing in at 4kg, the design is more compact than an office chair yet light enough to be moved around a home as needed.

“Got to try the VRGO chair – no nausea in 1st person, so good!,” said Sam Watts, game developer for Tammaka Games, makers of Radial G.

The Limited Edition Black Friday VRGO is available through the company website with a 15 percent discount, dropping the price from £299 GBP to £254.99 until the 27th November. The special edition isn’t the only model available, with a carbon fibre version on sale for £425.00. Three other designs are on offer for £254.99 should customers prefer a different colour.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of VRGO, reporting back with any further updates.