Black Eyed Peas AR Comic Masters of the Sun Gets Release Date

Hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas have been working on its comic book debut Masters of the Sun: The Zombie Chronicles for almost a year, working alongside Marvel artists. The graphic novel is almost ready for release as an Augmented Reality (AR) experience.

The comic was written to reflect a blend of hip-hop culture, along with science fiction elements and a blend of ancient mythology. Set in a futuristic version of Los Angeles which is under attack by alien invaders, who have used their technology to transform criminals and violent individuals into zombies. Zulu-X, the main character, along with his crew, work to defeat the aliens and unravel a dark conspiracy that reaches back into the ancient past.

The AR component uses a smartphone app to bring the comic to life, showing 3D animations of characters, and allowing users to hear as well as see the dialogue, thus making the comic accessible to people who might have trouble reading small print.

The narration for the AR experience is being provided by legendary Marvel writer and creator Stan Lee, while the various characters are being voice by a combination of artists from the world of rap, R&B and hip Hop, such as Mary J Blige, Rakim, Ice T and Queen Latifah, alongside voice artists such as Rosario Dawson and John Dimaggio.

The AR experience will be release on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store on 24th November, 2017. The comic can be purchased through Amazon through comic book stores and bookshops as well as online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

A launch trailer for the Masters of the Sun: Zombie Chronicles is available to view below.

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