Become a Shapeshifting Warrior in Shaman: Spirithunter, Coming to Oculus Rift 2018

Earlier this year virtual reality (VR) startup Playsnak announced that it had received a total of $2.5 million USD of investment from South Korea’s K Cube Ventures. Today, the studio has revealed its first VR title in the form of magical adventure Shaman: Spirithunter.

The videogame puts players in the role of a fledgling shaman who must free his land from a deadly winter that never abates, wiping out his people. Featuring both third-person and first-person gameplay, players hunt enemies using the first camera view and then when thy’re ready to strike with their bow and arrow move into the latter view. Playsnak has also added a third camera view in Shaman: Spirithunter, with a high-angled locomotion view to explore aspects of the environment.

Playsnak Shaman Screenshot Spirits

In this winter landscape players will need to solve challenging environmental puzzles and hunt depraved spirits using a combination of stealth and skill. As they do so, they’ll be able to upgrade their abilities to become the ultimate hunter. Being a shaman players also have another trick up their sleeves, shapeshifting. Taking the form of wild animals, each one will offer new ways to overcome this hostile world. And the more their shaman powers grow the more creatures they’ll be able to transform into, unlocking all their strength, agility and instincts.

Shaman: Spirithunter’s Game Director, Martin L’Heureux, said in a statement: “We set out to create a game that blends immersive storytelling with innovative ideas. VR gives us the ability to explore largely uncharted territory, and Shaman: Spirithunter shows not only the team’s development know-how, but also—we hope—our desire to take players somewhere they’ve never been before. We look forward to bringing Shaman: Spirithunter to Oculus Rift first, and to exploring the potential of other VR platforms in the future.”

The studio formed back in 2015, featuring a team that includes former Crytek veterans who played a part in creating The Climb and Robinson: The Journey.

Playsnak has confirmed that Shaman: Spirithunter will be coming to Oculus Rift in 2018. As further details are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.