Axonom Creates VR Design Viewer For Smartphones

A number of businesses have begun to take advantage of virtual reality (VR) technology to improve various areas of enterprise, including training, manufacturing, quality control and design. Axonom, a provider of visual CPQ software, have developed a VR Design Viewer that lets companies see potential designs using smartphone-powered VR headsets.

Axonom’s product, the Powertrak VR Design Viewer was created for displaying potential room designs and product configurations to customers, using easily available and inexpensive VR smartphone headsets, such as Google Cardboard.

“Our VR Design Viewer strengthens communication and collaboration between business teams and decision makers on complex product configurations and room layout designs – regardless of geographic location,” said Mike Belongie, COO at Axonom. “Teams around the world can leverage mobile virtual reality to make better, faster, cost-effective decisions by exploring 3D product models and custom designed environments in real-time.”

The Powertrak VR Design Viewer is an extension of a previous Axonom product, Powertrak Vroom, which required a high-end VR set up involving a PC-tethered VR system. The company believes that the new smartphone-based system offers more flexibility: “VR hardware tethered to a machine, like the HTC Vive, is very effective on the trade show floor but mobile VR can be used both on-site and shared to decision makers off-site,” Belongie adds. “It’s the most economical and compelling way to distribute immersive 3D product designs and floor space planning layouts to your prospective and existing customers.”

One of the Axonom’s clients who are having success with the Powertrak VR Design Viewer is Zebra Althetics, a training facility outfitter who have used the system to show potential customers various designs of facilities for martial arts, fitness and yoga.

“We’re providing customers with visual tools to select, price, and place types of flooring, mats, and equipment in uniquely designed rooms,” said Kyle Fisher, vice president at Zebra Athletics. “Explore our most famous designs at events, then configure your own unique design and virtually experience it from a mobile device for validation. Powertrak 3D CPQ and VR strips the guess work out of opening or redesigning a training facility.”

VRFocus will continue to report on business and enterprise applications for VR technology.