A Trip Through Aviation and Space Travel With The First Class VR

The journey that humankind has made to reach the stars is a fascinating one, covering both triumph and disaster, joy and tragedy. Zodiac Interactive are seeking to explore that history by taking viewers on a virtual reality (VR) tour of air and space exploration.

Expected to be released in December 2017 on Steam for the HTC Vive, The First Class VR is designed to be an interactive journey through history that puts players front and centre for significant events in the history of manned flight and space exploration. Players will get to experience the first flight of the Wright brother’s biplane, and travel through history to see the start of Elon Musk’s Space X project, and then into the world of scientific speculation on what technologies could lie ahead as humankind looks to Mars and beyond.

The title is being developed by Light and Digital Technology, a Chinese company best known for its digital effects work, having previously produced visual effects for the London Olympic Games in 2012 and the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Zodiac Interactive are acting as publisher.

“Our initial purpose is to explore the possibility of storytelling using VR technology. We realized that by encouraging the viewers’ movement while watching our video, it enhances the sensory understanding of the content we created throughout this project,” said An Pu, Lead Creative Producer at Light & Digital Technology. “The story is inspired by the Hugo Awards Best Novel Winner The Three-Body Problem. We feel privileged that the author Cixin Liu played and praised the game. The original team is working unremittingly on the sequel. The title will be announced in the beginning of 2018.”

Further information and updates on The First Class VR can be found on the Steam Store Page. The developers are already seeking suggestions and feedback on what users would like to see.

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