Vuforia Chalk Brings Practicality to AR Communication

PTC is making a big push within the augmented reality (AR) sector with the launch of Vuforia Chalk, a new AR app for iOS11 that provides a brand-new way to communicate; as if you’re drawing on the world with digital chalk. PTC also announced updates to the Vuforia AR platform, and updates to ThingWorx Studio, powered by Vuforia, including support for Apple ARKit and Google ARCore.

Vuforia Chalk screenshot

Available now, Vuforia Chalk delivers a new communication experience enabled by the Vuforia AR Platform and Apple’s ARKit technology that was introduced with iOS 11. It allows people in different locations to share a live view of the same environment, and draw simple annotations called ‘Chalk Marks’. Chalk Marks appear anchored to objects and surfaces in the environment, as if drawn on the objects and surfaces themselves. For example, technology enthusiasts can help friends and family get the most out of the latest gadgets, while DIY beginners can get assistance from each other or a professional.

“Mainstream augmented reality is at the beginning of a strong positive inflection point, and Vuforia Chalk is a great example of how AR can transition from enterprise-only to use in everyday life,” said Eric Abbruzzese, ABI Research. “We see Vuforia Chalk as a fundamentally disruptive form of remote communication that will be well received across multiple sectors and for multiple use cases.”

With Vuforia Chalk as a showcase piece, the upcoming Vuforia 7 introduces Vuforia Ground Plane detection, improved object recognition and support for Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore. Vuforia 7 will introduce major advancements in the ability to attach digital content to more types of objects and environments, and a new capability for delivering enhanced AR experiences on a wide range of handheld devices.

“If you’re a developer, there has not been a better time to get started with AR. It has never been easier with Vuforia now integrated in Unity. And there has never been the power to put your content in so much of the world,” said Jay Wright, President, Vuforia at PTC.

ThingWorx Studio

ThingWorx Studio also takes advantage of this technology, introducing advancements for attaching digital content to everyday objects and surfaces as well as support for Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore. With support for Vuforia 7, ThingWorx Studio will make use of Vuforia Ground Plane, a new capability for placing content on the ground, floor or tabletop. Because Ground Plane leverages ARKit and ARCore through a technology known as Vuforia Fusion, ThingWorx Studio will enable users to create robust and reliable AR experiences across a broader range of industrial environments.

The Vuforia Chalk app for iPhone and iPad is available for free on the App Store. It is expected to be available for additional handheld and headworn devices supported by the Vuforia AR platform in the near future. Vuforia 7 will be available with support for ARKit in an upcoming Unity release and Vuforia Ground Plane will be included in Unity as part of a new free deployment option. Support for ARCore is expected early next year. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest AR implementations for the Vuforia platform.