Star Child Announcement Trailer Revealed

Paris Games Week has barely started but the announcements are already coming thick and fast. Particularly from Sony, with a number of new titles revealed, and major updates on others. The latter category includes stylised puzzle adventure title Star Child, which has now got its first full trailer.

Featuring a dark, neon-lit cyberpunk aesthetic, Star Child puts the player on an alien world full of strange creatures, buildings and objects. The new trailer isn’t a gameplay trailer, but nonetheless offers some indications of some gameplay elements that might feature. Notably, the protagonist appears to be able to transfer her consciousness out of her body to interact with other objects. In the instance show in the trailer, the protagonists astral body touches a strange alien object and sees it light up with the glow of power, various indecipherable buttons and gauges appearing on it.

Developer Playful Corp has already acquired a reputation for creating solid VR experiences with the release of Lucky’s Tale, which originally debuted on the Oculus Rift. With Star Child, the studio is staying with its strengths and crafting another side-scrolling platforming experience.

Star Child Screenshot

The VRFocus team managed to get a preview of Star Child earlier this year at E3, saying the following: “The demo felt very much like an opening level – a common occurrence with these short presentations – with a short cinematic of a spaceship flying in and landing on an elevator that takes you deep into an alien world. As it descends deeper and deeper you get to see all sorts of luminous creatures scurrying across the walls, and glowing plants creeping up the rock face. Playful has really gone to town on the design of Star Child, easily differentiating it from the far more child like design of Lucky’s Tale.”

The early demo only featured running and jumping and some early puzzles, so it seems the finished title with have some more complex mechanics. You can watch the announcement trailer below.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Star Child is it becomes available.