Oculus’ Santa Cruz Headset Will be Arriving Within the Year for Developers

Well Oculus Connect 4 has started with a bang, with Mark Zuckerberg making some major announcements straight off the bat. He’s now revealed that Oculus’ wireless Santa Cruz headset will be with developers with in next 12 months.

The Santa Cruz prototype was showcased at last years event, demonstrating Oculus’ plans for a wireless high-end headset. One of the big features of Santa Cruz is its inside-out tracking, meaning that the headset won’t require external sensors like the Oculus Rift currently does.

This will put Santa Cruz in direct competition with Windows Mixed Reality headsets – although it will be many months behind – which launch this month.

When Oculus’ new headset becomes available to developers it’ll also ship with 6 DoF controllers which look quite similar to Microsoft’s design.

As further details on Santa Cruz are released VRFocus will keep you updated.