Life In 360°: Man’s Best Friend (Updated)

Today’s Life In 360° comes courtesy of the USC Shoah Foundation which recently released a short film called Lala. In it we’re taken back to the dark times of World War II and to a Nazi-run ghetto and to the story of Roman Kent, a Holocaust survivor and author of My Dog Lala on which the 360 degree video is based on.

Developed as an educational video in partnership with both Discovery Communications and Discovery Education, Kent appears as himself both as his present older self and the child that he was, relaying the tale of the family dog who, despite having to be abandoned owing to being forced into the Lodz ghetto in Poland tracked them down every night, staying with them until the morning before fleeing back to where she had left her puppies. All before ultimately being handed over to the occupying force upon being caught owing to laws against Jewish people being allowed to keep dogs.

You can see the video below. VRFocus will be back on Friday with our last Life In 360° video for the week.

Update: Previously this article indicated that it was a “Nazi-run Polish ghetto” which was meant to indicate it was ‘based in Poland’ and not a ‘ghetto for Poles’. No misinformation was intended and to avoid further confusion this has been reworded. VRFocus apologises for any misconception or confusion. Those who would like to investigate further into the history of the Lodz ghetto can find more information on it here.