Life In 360°: A Walkabout In China

Since we were in China for Monday – that was when we were all going “aww” over the cute panda cubs – I thought it might be nice to end the week on Li360 back in China, but back to look at the country from a different perspective. A more human perspective.

In one of his most recent videos YouTuber laowhy86, who lives in southern China, decided to take a trip through Huizhou in Guangdong province. Why? Why not. He fancied a walk, and he took his 360 degree video camera with him. It does though allow you to see something you may not necessarily in other videos on the country, namely just what a normal neighbourhood (laowhy86 himself refers to it as middle class) in the country is like. Something which is also referenced in the video’s title.

It’s a ten-minute jaunt through green areas, reasonably quiet retail areas, backstreets, and people everywhere just… getting on with life. Enjoy the look at behind the scenes of big city life, and we’ll see you next Monday for more Life In 360°.