Investigating Alien Mysteries In The Solus Project

The exploration of the mysterious alien world of The Solus Project continues in the second gameplay video, in which a strange, eerie sound breaks the quiet, and so an investigation must begin into what is causing that sound.

The previous gameplay video focused on the elements that are essential in the early parts of The Solus Project, such as gathering supplies needed for survival, food, water, heat and finding shelter for the sometimes deadly weather of this unknown planet. This second gameplay video descends, quite literally, into the depths to discover the mysteries of what a forgotten alien civilisation left behind.

The atmosphere of The Solus Project starts out somewhat bleak and uninviting, and only gets worse as you begin your descent into the cave systems, many of which contain writings carved by some alien hand. Slowly, it begins to be possible to decipher pieces of the text, and the spooky, claustrophobic atmosphere slowly closes in around you.

You can watch the second gameplay video below.

The Solus Project is available on PlayStation VR for $19.99 USD/£15.99 GBP.

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