Intel Closes Augmented Reality Goggles Brand

Despite the resurgence of augmented reality (AR) due to the launch of Apple’s ARKit and the relaunch of Google Glass, Intel have taken the decision to close its AR goggles brand, Recon, according to industry insiders.

Intel originally acquired Recon back in 2015. Recon primarily produced AR glasses designed for enterprise, industrial and sporting applications, reflecting the niche currently occupied by products such as Vuzix, DAQRI and the newly relaunched Google Glass: Enterprise Edition.

According to Bloomberg, the decision has not yet been made public, and reportedly Intel had previously cut the workforce at Recon by a third before reaching the decision to close the division. There are said to be at least 100 employees in the Recon AR glasses division who will be let go, though Intel is planning to fulfill all outstanding contracts for the AR goggles. What this means for Recon employees is unknown at this point.

The news follows a previous announcement by Intel that it was discontinuing development on the Project Alloy standalone virtual reality (VR) headset. The timing for the choice to shut down Recon is curious, considering renewed interest in AR technologies in recent months.

Intel have been involved with providing technology for other AR and mixed reality (MR) products such as Microsoft’s HoloLens, and earlier this year the company indicated it was continuing its work on VR and AR technologies such as WiGig and depth-sensing technologies.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Intel and its AR and VR projects as it becomes available.