HoloLens Provides New Tool For Sports Medicine

Artanim are working on AR visualisation tool for sports medicine and rehabilitation.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have already supplied a number of tools and applications aimed at improving various aspects of medicine. Such applications include using VR to train medical personal or allow patients an escape from the clinical environment, to AR for designing new hospital spaces such as Operating Theatres. AR Solutions company Artanim is working on another, a way to use mixed reality (MR) and AR to help in sports medicine.

Artanim are working on a new project called HoloMed, which uses Microsoft’s HoloLens to provide assistance in the field of sports medicine and rehabilitation. The A applications has been created to provide visualisation of joint movements, focussing on certain orthopaedic activities.

Sports medicine is a complicated field that deals with a large variety of injuries that can be sudden and traumatic, or build up over time. If not treated properly, some injuries can cause life-long problems, something that the HoloMed applications hopes to alleviate by providing a tool for prompt and accurate diagnosis.

The HoloMed application builds on Artanim’s previous work in anatomical modelling and motion capture to allow and accurate AR rendering of where bones and joints are on a subject, presenting a view akin to ‘X-Ray Vision’. The tool can also provide information on range of movement and can be recorded for later playback for further examination and consultation.

Artanim are hoping the project can contribute to the future of medicine and the development of AR.

VRFocus will bring you further information on HoloMed and other uses of AR and VR in medicine as it becomes available.

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