Filmed In 2D & 360° Simultaneously, Cornerstone VR Asks If You Could Help A Child By Fostering

For a child suffering hardship stability is often invaluable.

Recently on VRFocus we’ve taken time to to tell some of the stories behind some of the other ways virtual reality (VR) is being used, particularly in film.  For example it was not that long ago where we went behind the scenes at the Raindance Film Festival, and our thrice weekly Life in 360° series has often looked at short films and mini documentaries that are using the 360 degree video (and occasionally photo) platform.

The latest project to be announced comes from Spain, more specifically Barcelona courtesy of VISYON, an organisation specialising in emerging technologies (i.e. VR, augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR)) and content creation. Their latest collaborative effor is a short film produced by British film director Ben Perry which was recently shown for the first time
in London earlier this month.

In another use of VR and other immersive technologies being used to promote empathy, the five minute long 360 degree video, titled Cornerstone VR, aims to recruit more foster carers using the interactive immersion to enable carers and professionals to understand how trauma and abuse impacts children’s development and behaviour. Intriguingly both versions of the film – the 2D version and the 360 degree one – were filmed at the same time.

“What do Annabelle, Jordan, Joe and Sarah, the characters of short film Cornerstone VR have in common?” Asks VISYON. “All of these characters suffer from parental abuse, an abuse that takes shape in different forms: Some abuse is physical, some is neglect and in one case is completely parental abandonment. With four raw and real stories, the Cornerstone partnership and VISYON portray the reality of four children with broken homes that start a new life, supported by a foster family.”

BFI Chief Executive Amanda Neville who was in attendance at the premiere said, “This is a brilliantly subtle and engaging film, told from the perspective of a child. Her presence is haunting at times, made more powerful by the 360 experience. The viewer is taken through the full range of emotions, as they are transported into the world of a (at best) dysfunctional family.”

Cornerstone CEO Helen Costa.adding that “Growing up in care can have huge societal and psychological impacts with many children struggling in later life. Using technology in this way will hopefully create a greater understanding and encourage more people to foster or adopt so more children can grow up in a loving home.”

“Our main goal of this experience was to create a very high level of empathy with viewers.” Explained VISYON’s CEO Pere Pérez. “To do this we used traditional cinematic filming techniques while pushing the boundaries of the current immersive technologies available in the market.”

It is unsure at this time how the film will be distributed, whether it will be uploaded to a service such as YouTube, presented via an app or go on some form of tour.  When VRFocus has further news we will update you.


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