Face Your Fears Gets Stranger Things Tie-In

At last year’s Oculus Connect conference, developer Turtle Rock announced the release of a title called Face Your Fears, a virtual reality (VR) experience based around fears and phobias. At this year’s Oculus Connect, it was revealed that the title would be updated with content from TV series Stranger Things.

Face Your Fears was released in 2016 to general acclaim. The experience revolves around exploring various deep-seated fears. Such as the Skyscraper experience, where players find themselves on top of a tall building, looking down to see a robot slowly climbing the wall towards them, or Haunting, where the player takes the role of a small child, trying to decide if the creaks and groans are just the normal noises of a house settling, or if it is something far more sinister.

Stranger Things is a hit TV show on Netflix that straddles a line between horror and science fiction to tell an involving story rooted in the pop culture of the 1980s. The series stars Winona Ryder and has a story that revolves around a small town in Indiana where a boy goes missing, and the supernatural events that subsequently occur.

The series has been a wild success both commercially and critically, and its dark sci-fi/horror atmosphere make it a good fit for Face Your Fears. The Stranger Things content will be introduced into Face Your Fears in time for Halloween, allowing players to visit the ominous other dimension known as The Upside Down.

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