CreamVR Launches Three New VR Shows on Hulu

Expanding its content line this winter, Hulu has announced three new virtual reality (VR) from CreamVR, horror film Happy Campers, The Driver and series A Curious Mind.

Released for Friday 13th was horror film Happy Campers expanding Hulu’s horror line-up. Then this Tuesday, 17th, users will be in the driver’s seat as NASCAR’s rising star Jeffrey Earnhardt takes them on a high-speed ride in The Driver.


Lastly in the pop-science series A Curious Mind, Dominic Monaghan (The X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Lord of the Rings) explores the science behind some of the most extraordinary events that have shaped the universe. This will also launch on 17th.

“CreamVR has been forging new business models and relationships as we develop our virtual reality offering. We are especially excited to partner with premium content provider Hulu with these three new shows that offer an unparalleled immersive viewing experience, ” commented David Brady, CEO of CreamVR in a statement.

“You can’t get a more thrilling user experience than in The Driver.  Using 360 3D video we put the users in the seat with Jeffrey in race conditions where he’s pushing the car to speeds in excess of 150 miles an hour! In Happy Campers  users get a different kind of thrill when we thrust them in the wilderness and they can’t escape the chilling events that are about to unfold. While in A Curious Mind we have created a stage where Dominic can populate his surroundings with anything he needs to illustrate the concepts and theories that have shaped our universe. Nothing can convey scale and detail better then 360 3D,” explained Andrew MacDonald and Tristan Cezair Creative Directors of CreamVR.

All three shows are produced by CreamVR in association with Hulu, available on the Hulu VR app. A Curious Mind will also be available in Canada on the CreamVR app.

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