Build Your Own City When Skytropolis Launches Next Month

Ever wanted to build your own virtual reality (VR) city, with glittering skyscrapers reaching up into the clouds? Well soon you’ll be able to do just that as Canadian developer Mythical City Games and LNG Studios have announced that their title  Skytropolis will be hitting Steam on 2nd November for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Starting with a small plot of land you will be challenged with building a sustainable and profitable community, creating  everything from the architectural design to every part of the interior for your ideal Skytropolis tower.

Skytropolis screenshot

With more than 50 Modules with which you can build, Skytropolis isn’t just about building fantastic looking towers, you also need to balance your economy by providing services and charging rent. So you can maximize profit and use up resources from the surrounding city, or balance sustainability by providing eco-friendly interiors and your own power generation.

But as the needs and height of the building increase the more complex the city’s needs become.

Mythical City Games will launch Skytropolis on 2nd November, retailing for £24.99 USD through Steam.

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