Build Your Own AR Experience With Thyng 4.0

Thyng 4.0 leverages the power of ARKit to let users create AR with thier own photos and videos.

The launch of Apple’s ARKit has generated much excitement and activity within the augmented reality (AR) sector, with many brands and companies eager to build or improve apps using the enhanced AR capabilities. What about smaller companies or individuals who wish to build an AR experience? Thyng 4.0 might be the answer.

Powered by ARKit, Thyng allows users to use content on their iPhone or iPad to bring surfaces such as tables to life with AR. Users can project photos and videos and walk around them, seeing them from a new perspective.

Thyng 4.0 was designed with a goal of creating an intuitive, all-purpose AR authoring tool that would let anyone get involved in creating AR experiences. The interface is designed to be a simple ‘tap and drop’ style that will let users add their own photos, videos or use any of the 3D objects available in Thyng’s object library.

“With Thyng 4.0, augmented reality can now be used for self-expression and for creating your own experiences,” said Ed LaHood, CEO of Thyng. “What better way to express yourself than by using your own photos and videos to create amazing augmented reality environments that can exist anywhere — in your home, outside, or anywhere you go!”

Thyng hope its platform will help individuals experiment with creating in AR as well as encourage small companies and brands to raise their profile by incorporating AR into their marketing strategy. Thyng say they are willing to work with companies and brands to build custom experiences using the Thyng app.

Thyng 4.0 is available to download from the Apple App Store for users running iOS 11.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Thyng and ARKit as it becomes available.

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