Avegant Ships Development Kits for Light Field Display Technology

Development kits containing hardware, software and support services are shipping now.

Earlier this year, Avegant announced it had made a breakthrough in augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) with its Light Field Display technology. Now the company has announced that it has begun shipping its Light Field Display Development Kits.

The main goal of Avegant’s Light Field Display technology is to solve a fundamental problem in AR and MR – how to make virtual objects look real at various distances when imposed on the real world. Avegant says its technology solves this problem by allowing for multiple focal planes, allowing digital objects to maintain their sense of presence no matter how near or far the observer is.

The Development Kit contains hardware, software and support services for businesses and creators who wish to use the technology. Avegant has strived to simplify workflows and add value to a number of professional areas with the technology, including medicine, design, engineering, communication and education.

“Since announcing our first Light Field displays earlier this year, Avegant has been flooded with requests from companies that can’t wait to get their hands on this new technology,” said Eric Trabold, Chief Business Officer at Avegant. “Demand took off like a rocket, so we’re launching a development kit designed specifically to meet that demand. By solving the display problem, Avegant enables companies to dramatically accelerate the development of their own mixed reality products,” said Trabold. “This technology is absolutely required for the kinds of mixed reality experiences we all want.”

Some partner companies have been involved in a pilot program that allowed them to get advance access to the development kit to allow them to begin creating mixed reality applications. For other companies, pricing and availability is available by contacting Avegant via the company’s website.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Avegant and Light Field Display as it becomes available.


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