AR Stacking Game Beasts of Balance Available on and in Apple Stores

The Beasts of Balance app is now available on the App Store for Apple TV in nine different languages.

If your’re looking for a family game to play this Christmas that combines traditional boardgame elements with high tech augmented reality (AR) then look no further than Sensible Objects’ Beasts of Balance. In preparation for the festive season the company has announced that both and Apple Stores will now be stocking the game.

The Beasts of Balance edition sold through Apple outlets includes an exclusive new beast ‘The Ghost Crab,’ which has different properties – depending on if it is dead or alive. Additionally, the app is now available on the App Store for Apple TV in nine different languages, thus allowing players to use the Siri Remote to perform miracles and browse their bestiary on the big screen.

Beasts of Balance image 2

“Our dream for Beasts of Balance is to bring the best of tabletop and digital games together to create inclusive, social fun for family and friends,” said Alex Fleetwood, CEO and Founder Sensible Object in a statement. “We’re obsessed with making that experience better for our customers; bringing the game to Apple TV creates an even better way to enjoy Beasts of Balance. The 4k visuals and award-winning soundtrack come across beautifully on the big screen, and the Ghost Crab adds an innovative (and spooky!) set of physical and digital interactions to the game.”

Beasts of Balance is a tower building game with an AR twist. Players are called Divine Creators and they have to carefully stack artefacts to reach high scores. The AR side comes in when deciding what objects to stack next to uncover new beasts. For example, stack an Octopus and a digital Octopus appears. If a Migrate Artefact is then used, the Octopus is turned into a land-dwelling Rocktopus.

Beasts of Balance is available on and in Apple Stores in the U.S., Canada and Europe for a suggested retail price of £69.99 GBP.

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