AR Aquarium Builder ARQUA! Comes to Apple’s App Store

Apple iPhone and iPad users have been able to enjoy plenty of new augmented reality (AR) apps since iOS 11 arrived several weeks ago. One of the latest experiences to come to the platform is a relaxing aquarium builder called ARQUA!

Designed by indie 3D artist Isaac “Cabbibo” Cohen in collaboration with Viacom NEXT, ARQUA!  enables players to digitally overlap animated aquatic features (such as fish, coral, kelp) on their real world surroundings, creating a customised rainbow aquarium that is interactive and shareable.

ARQUA screenshot 2

Once the aquarium is created, players can then explore their creation; teasing fish, tickling kelp, and twisting crystals. When a new day begins it all starts again, creating another psychedelic wonderland.

Developed using Apple’s new ARKit app ARQUA! is available through Apple’s App Store for $0.99 USD.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of ARKit apps, reporting back with the latest releases.