Watch a 360 Matchbox Twenty Concert Next Month with SwivelVR

It’s almost becoming common place for musicians to offer some sort of immersive content for their fans. Whether that’s a 360-degree music video or perhaps a live (or recorded) concert that puts them right on stage. The latest comes from Matchbox Twenty and virtual reality (VR) company SwivelVR, with a live viewing of the bands show on 4th October.

Being filmed at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, the concert will allow Matchbox Twenty fans a unique viewpoint for the event, being able to use the SwivelVR app to watch either in 2D, or using a VR headset for the full experience.

Matchbox20 SwivelVR

SwivelVR allows fans to change their viewpoint with a simple hands free menu. They also be able to take snapshots during event and share them on social media if they want.

Or for a big screen view the app is also works with iPad, Apple Airplay with AppleTV, or a streaming dongle to put the content on a TV. The SwivelVR app is free to download and and new users will receive a free multi camera song experience from Matchbox Twenty’s tour launch in Spokane, WA.

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