Virtuix Omni Announce VR Content Platform Omniverse

Virtuix enhance location-based operations for Omni operators.

Virtuix are probably best known for creating the virtual reality (VR) motion treadmill, the Virtuix Omni, but the company is also involved in location-based VR, and today the company has announced the launch of Omniverse, a content delivery and arcade management platform for use by commercial Omni operators.

At launch, 15 VR titles will be available through the platform, including titles such as Affected – The Manor, Karnage Chronicles and Primordian. Virtuix are planning on continuing to add titles to the platform over the coming months.

“We’re very excited about both the quality and quantity of games launching on our Omniverse platform,” says Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix. “We’ve collaborated with some of the world’s top VR content providers to make sure we offer an exceptional set of experiences to our customers, including fast-paced multiplayer first-person shooters, fantasy RPGs, and even casual games offering relaxed exploration. Omniverse transforms the Omni from a standalone hardware input device to an exciting and complete VR entertainment system for our worldwide customers.”

In addition to the VR content, the Omniverse platform also offers a custom interface where players can preview, launch or switch games without needing to remove the headset. The platform also enables operators to pre-set gameplay time for customers and manage multiple Omni devices from a single device. Gameplay is automatically tracked to facilitate accurate pricing and payment.

“Omniverse represents an opportunity for us to launch our game on more than a thousand commercial entertainment systems at once, without the hassle of individual licensing agreements,” says Mark Paul, Co-founder of Fallen Planet Studios, developer of the VR horror hit Affected – The Manor. “We are excited to release Affected on the Omniverse platform and reach a worldwide audience in places that we hadn’t been able to capture before.”

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