Tactical Puzzle VR Game Hurl VR Tests Your Ability to Throw Balls

VRFocus covered Hurl VR in a previous post when it was announced this summer. At Gamescom in Cologne, Germany Nina spoke to Petra Malinauskas the Co-Founder of indie developer Rusty Oak.

A ball throwing simulator that is coming to Steam for HTC Vive this summer, Hurl VR is a tactical puzzler that requires the player to hit multiple platforms with a ball in the correct patterns to reach the gateway platform. With three chapters and 10 levels each, you’ve got a total of 30 levels.

The game will be released today for five dollars on Steam. It’s probably a great training for trying to beat your college mates at beer pong. Note: Please wear safety straps and don’t throw your controller – it’s just a simple motion with the controller.