Skullfish Studios Release AR Title Lila’s Tale: Stealth

If you’ve been following all of VRFocus’ ARKit announcements then there’s probably a few augmented reality (AR) titles you’ve ben keen to get your hands on. New experience announced today have included Climax Studios’ ARise and The Virtual Reality Company’s Follow Me Dragon. As you may expect there’s plenty more to come, the latest being Skullfish Studios’ Lila’s Tale: Stealth.

Lila’s Tale: Stealth is a puzzle adventure title where you have to guide titular character Lila through a magical realm filled with dungeons, collecting coins, avoiding enemies and retrieving a key to escape.


You can place Lila anywhere to being playing then move her around with the phone. Featuring five levels to play through, the coins collected on route through the dungeons can then be used to upgrade Lila, increasing her movement speed or her light to better illuminate the area.

Available now through Apple’s app storeLila’s Tale: Stealth retails for $1.99 USD. Skullfish Studios also plan on adding further content and levels in due course.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of the latest AR apps for iOS devices, reporting back with the latest announcements.