Motorbike Riding Gets AR Enhancement

CrossHelmet uses augmented reality to improve safety for bikers.

For bikers, safety is an important consideration. Considering that people riding motorbikes are zooming down the road with little to protect them other than some leather and a helmet, getting the design of that helmet right is pretty important. One company is trying to enhance safety by incorporating augmented reality (AR) tech into its motorcycle helmet design.

CrossHelmet are a start-up company that are attempting to incorporate AR and heads-up display technology into its latest helmet. The CrossHelmet can be used to display images from a rear-view camera along with navigation information, speed, route information and more.

While other companies have also released HUD helmets, the CrossHelmet’s major advantage is that it integrates all the necessary technology into the body of the helmet itself. Another interesting feature of the CrossHelmet is its noise reduction technology, something rarely seen in motorcycle helmets.

“High accident rates are often caused by low visibility. Our unique technology alleviates this problem by providing a rear camera that displays what is behind you to eliminate blind spots,” said CrossHelmet founder and CEO Arata Oono. “Sound control limits distractions, further enhancing the overall safety of the rider.”

CrossHelmet recently launched a Kickstarter with the aim of raising $100,000 (USD) by the 12th October, a goal which they have quickly reached, as of writing having over $250,000 pledged. The company hopes that the infusion of money will allow the helmets to quickly go into production, with the aim for shipping being Q4 of 2018.

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