Life In 360°: The (Other) Channel Islands

Today’s look into 360 degree video takes us off on our travels again with a video courtesy of Light Sail VR. We’re off to the Channel Islands – to be clear, not the actual Channel Islands (sorry Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark et al), but to the California Channel Islands for a video which they made in co-operation with the National Park Service and features Jordan Fisher of Hamilton and Moana fame.

The video is one of a number of recent endeavors for the Hollywood-based VR production company which also include creating a tie-in a 360 degree experience for The Offseason, a family thriller by ABC. Upcoming work includes Upcoming projects include an Alaska-based shoot for a project with Princess Cruises. Who knows, perhaps we’ll see that on Life In 360° at a later date.

Whatever the case tune in on Friday because we’re off to Australia again, this time to Sydney for something to do with Tilt Brush.