Life In 360°: Mondays Can Get Dunked On

Is it really Monday again? So very soon? Oh dear. I don’t know about you but from my point of view the weekend went far too quickly. We’re going to need to go some to get through another week.  We need something. Caffeine probably, but as I’m not one for coffee instead how about we deal with cope with some determination?

I am of course making reference to smash hit video game Undertale – and today’s 360 degree video relates to it.  In fact, the creation by DimentiosLoyalest specifically features a 360 degree rendition, in Source Film Maker, of the epic end battle you face against Sans if you happened to be… well… not a very person. Engaged in what is referred to as a ‘Genocide Run’ of Undertale. Sans, it turns out, isn’t all that he seems, and with you having unceremoniously killed everyone he takes you on in a final, frantic encounter.

Is it too late to just say sorry? Probably.

You can check out the video below. Li360 will be back on VRFocus Wednesday and Friday.  Be sure to check out the weekend’s content from VRFocus if you haven’t already done so and we’ll be back soon with more news and features.