HTC Vive Choose VRChat As Social VR Partner

HTC Vive will be providing funding for expansion of VRChat in consumer and enterprise areas.

The drive to make virtual reality (VR) into a more social experience has been a major driver for several companies, as part of the impetus behind the creation of Steam VR Home and Facebook Spaces. Now HTC Vive have selected their own preferred social VR platform by partnering with VRChat.

The VRChat team have announced that they are joining forces with HTC Vive, with HTC Vive acting as a key investor and strategic partner. HTC were the leaders of VRChat’s recent $4m (USD) funding round, along with several other companies and investment firms.

The aim of the partnership is to enable to growth of VRChat, allowing it to expand in both the consumer and business/enterprise space. The VRChat team are also hoping that the recent drop in price for the HTC Vive will encourage more users to try out VRChat, which launched on 21st September, 2017 on Viveport.

“Our goal is to enable anybody to create their own social VR experiences. Partnering with HTC gets us that much closer to achieving that, and driving social experiences for VR forward.” says Graham Gaylor, CEO of VRChat.

The VRChat team boast that they all work remotely, using the virtual world as an office, and VRChat as a meeting room. VRChat allows users to explore a variety of environments, using customised avatars and engaging in games and events, including VR karaoke and community events such as quiz shows, gym classes and trivia talk shows.

Further information is available on the Vive blog.

VRFocus will bring you further information on VRChat as it becomes available.

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